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Friday 12 April 2019

Tesla and Panasonic reported to be reconsidering Gigafactory expansion plans

Earlier this week, Nikkei reported that Tesla and Panasonic have suspended plans to expand the capacity of Gigafactory 1. The two companies had planned to increase capacity at the Nevada plant by about 50 percent by 2020, but financial problems have forced them to put those plans on hold, the newspaper said.

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Thursday 11 April 2019

Ford Invests In Solid Power For Future Solid-State Batteries

As most legacy automakers move forward with electric, autonomous, and shared vehicles, we will continue to see partnerships and new programs popping up. Take GM for example, as it bought out Cruise Automation, fired up Maven, and joined forces with Waymo.

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Tuesday 9 April 2019

After its $261 electric bike, Xiaomi is back with new 50 mile e-bike for $375

Xiaomi is better known for its wide range of electronics products, including everything from smartphones to vacuum cleaners. After getting its feet wet last year with the company’s first pint-sized electric bike, Xiaomi is back with a bigger and better model for 2019.

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Monday 8 April 2019

Jaguar might turn F-Type into electric halo model

The success of its I-Pace has got Jaguar rethinking the direction of the next F-Type, possibly morphing it into an electric sports car to battle the upcoming Porsche 911 EV.

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Monday 8 April 2019

Fiat Chrysler to pay Tesla hundreds of millions for emissions credits

Chrysler and Tesla aren't known for having much in common. Tesla builds nothing but pure electric cars, with no tailpipes. Chrysler was the first among American car companies to abandon its car lineup and focus on building big, heavy, thirsty SUVs and pickups.

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