The Show

2023 Edition

43,328 visitors, the largest crowd ever at MEVS!

The many works around the stadium and the cold temperature of this early spring did not dampen the enthusiasm of the population of Greater Montreal for electric vehicles.

Helped by the rise in the price of petroleum a few days before the event was held and the population's growing awareness of climate change surely prompted these vehicle enthusiasts to leave their homes to pay a visit to the MEVS. 

Between Friday 1 p.m. and Sunday 5 p.m., exactly 43,328 people, descended the steps of the Olympic Stadium, an increase of nearly 75% over the last edition. The promoters of the event are extremely satisfied. The results are well beyond the forecast of 35 to 35,000 visitors that the organizers had set themselves. 

During the 23 hours of opening of the SVEM, the 50 dedicated vehicles never stopped circulating on the urban circuit designed for them, thus allowing more than 1,700 tests to be carried out! The same phenomenon also hit the test track for bicycles, scooters, scooters and other means of electric transport with one or two wheels present at the Show. The indoor test track has allowed more than 4,500 tests to be carried out. 

The exhibitors were also very happy with the crowd success. Some had to, from Friday afternoon, provide additional staff given the crowds which turned out to be significantly higher than the forecasts they had made.

The 6th edition of MEVS, it will be held in the spring of 2023, on April 21, 22 and 23, still at the Olympic Stadium. Be present at our next event! 

And let's conclude by thanking the exhibitors, their employees, the volunteers and above all, all the amateurs who animated the 204,000 square feet of SVEM 2022 with their presence.

Here are some links to the media coverage obtained from the latest event which reached an audience of over 53,134,413 people.



“This is something we haven't seen for 20 years: A car show at the Olympic Stadium. But electric, those. The opportunity is great, with the ongoing electrification of the sector, to find its place in a globalized market that has never been so disrupted."

- La Presse

“Several new products were exhibited at the Montreal Electric Vehicle Show, road tests were also offered in order to demystify preconceived ideas about these vehicles which will gradually become an increasingly important mass in the Quebec automotive landscape."

- Le Devoir

“The first major show in the country after the Covid-19 pandemic!"

- Le Soleil

“Bravo Louis and Luc for the great Show this weekend. It was A1 challenge met and people were delighted. We were happy to be there. Thank you for your support."

- Isabelle Joncas, project manager, transport electrification, Equiterre

“The Montreal electric vehicle show is a great success. The visitors are present in large numbers and the exhibitors are ready. Congratulations to the promoters Louis Bernard and Luc Saumure for having achieved this feat in the current COVID-19 conditions."

- Daniel Breton,
CEO of Electric Mobility Canada

“Thank you for organizing the show for this 2021 edition. It was very interesting and profitable. We would like to repeat the experience and reserve a booth for April 2022."

- Guillaume Hergat,
president of Noaio Group

“Truly, an accomplished mission, dear promoters!"

- Nadine Trudel, visitor

“Really a beautiful show, congratulations. I am very impressed with the Imperium SUV”

- Patrick Quévillon, visitor

Montreal Electric Vehicle Show 2023 on video

Click on the video to view the images taken during the 2023 edition

Pictures of 2023 edition

You can see in the following photo-gallery of images taken in-action during the second edition, which took place on April 21, 22 and 23, 2023.