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Friday 13 November 2020

Made In China Lotus SUV Will Be Electric And Have 750 HP: Report

The zero-emissions Evija is spearheading Lotus’ agenda chock-full of EVs as the Geely-owned brand will launch its last car with a combustion engine in 2021. Every new model that will come after what many believe will be an Esprit spiritual successor will drop the ICE, which for many years has been sourced from Toyota.

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Wednesday 11 November 2020

2022 BMW iX revealed: 300-mile electric SUV is a family-size tech flagship

The BMW iNext electric SUV has been teased numerous times, but on Wednesday we finally got the first details of the production version, along with confirmation that the name will be shortened to BMW iX for the SUV's launch in late 2021, likely as a 2022 model.

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Tuesday 10 November 2020

Ford says E-Transit vans will meet growing demand for electric delivery services

Ahead of the reveal of its E-Transit electric van, Ford released results of a survey showing that many consumers want delivery services to use electric vehicles.

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Sunday 8 November 2020

A battery manufacturing blueprint for Canada

Battery manufacturing is a cornerstone of an accelerating global industrial transformation. Canada has the means to be a North American leader, but only if it acts now.

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Sunday 8 November 2020

Did you clue in on these 5 'moonshot' Easter eggs on the '22 Hummer EV?

The Hummer is back, but not in the oil-burning military guise we’re used to seeing. The mental image the new, silent battery-powered truck will conjure up will no longer be a hulking military tank sitting next to a man with a bean shave and a cigar clenched between his teeth; it will now be a tableau of a flower, growing in a crater on the surface of the moon, or something like that. Probably.

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