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Tuesday 9 November 2021

2022 Chevy Bolt EUV and EV production is back on—for a short time

Production of the 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV and Bolt EUV electric cars is back on temporarily as General Motors continues to work through a large-scale battery recall.

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Monday 8 November 2021

There Are 12 Tesla-Carrying Ships Now Headed To Europe And Asia

Several signs indicate that Tesla is heading for record deliveries in the fourth quarter of this year, even though we are only one month into it.

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Friday 5 November 2021

Electric Mobility Canada urges a faster transition in ambitious 2030 EV action plan

In a newly released 32-point plan, the industry member association Electric Mobility Canada calls on the federal government to take more urgent action to accelerate zero-emission mobility adoption, saying Ottawa’s 2035 deadline for 100 per cent passenger ZEV sales is too slow to meet climate targets

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Thursday 4 November 2021

EdisonFuture EF1-T Is An All-Electric Pickup With Solar Charging

SPI Energy is a Chinese company founded in 2016 whose main area of activity is in renewable energy and earlier in 2021, the company announced its intention to also launch a fully-electric pickup truck and this is our first look at that vehicle, the EdisonFuture EF1-T.

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Wednesday 3 November 2021

The Formula E effect: how an EV sporting event could accelerate adoption

In the world of racing speed trumps all, so it’s no surprise that the first major sporting event to revolve around EVs is a faster, quieter and zero-emission twist on a legacy racetrack event: Formula E.

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