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Wednesday 30 October 2019

Company behind "first American-style cruiser electric motorcycle" lifts the veil

The Hadin Panther is one of the few e-bikes of this style in existence. Between the Hadin Panther, the Evoke 6061, and the Tacita T-Cruise, that pretty much sums up the electric cruiser motorcycle market.

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Tuesday 29 October 2019

The four zombie technologies of electric vehicles

In this short series of articles that will culminate on Halloween, we present four zombie technologies that should die, but never seem to.

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Monday 28 October 2019

U.S. Democratic senator reveals US$462-billion program to get Americans into EVs

The U.S.’ Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, is moving Democrats’ climate talk to where the rubber meets the road, proposing a US$462-billion trade-in program to get millions of Americans out of climate-damaging gas vehicles and into electric or hybrid cars over the next decade.

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Thursday 24 October 2019

This concept looks to the future as Lexus builds BEV for 2020

This year's Tokyo auto show just got underway in Japan, and in keeping with the zeitgeist, there are plenty of new electric vehicles at the show. However, like the annual Frankfurt auto show, seeing some of the debuts can be frustrating from a US perspective. For example, Mazda has a cool new battery EV—with suicide doors—but like the cute Honda E there are no plans to bring it to America. 

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Wednesday 23 October 2019

Report: Hummer even more likely to come back as an EV brand

GM is looking to enter the EV truck game and could revive the Hummer name as a premium electric brand, according to new reports that back up speculation first posited this summer.

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